2016 Artist Lineup

Danimal Cannon [BUF]
fearofdark [UK]
Saskrotch [CHI]
Dollfin [DET]
nml styl [PHL]
Pocaille [MON]
Mechlo [OR]
Corset Lore [NYC]
Cheap Dinosaurs [PHL]
p0cky br0s [PHL]
sylcmyk [NYC]
Casshern [PHL]

Solarbear [PHL]
bryface [VAN]
Goto80 [SWE]
nanode [CT]
Nullsleep [NYC]
Auxcide [PHL]
Infinity Shred [NYC]
Doomcloud [CT]
Chipocrite [PHL]
Mechro Borac [MTL]
umin [KY]
Star Fighter Dreams [TX]

8static is back with our fourth annual three-day music and video Festival at our new home Vox Populi on November 10-12, 2016!

Featuring an exciting and diverse selection of local, national and international performers, the 2016 8static Festival promises more of the finest sounds and sights the chiptune scene has to offer.

Vox Populi
319 N 11th St #3
Philadelphia, PA 19107

8static festival continues to grow with the help of those who’ve supported us. Check out the photos from last year's 8static festival below (courtesy of Chiptography.)