8static is back with its third annual three-day music and video festival! Featuring an exciting and diverse selection of local, national and international performers, the 2015 8static Festival promises more of the finest sounds and sights the chiptune scene has to offer. Get your tickets now and get ready to party with us as we celebrate our seventh anniversary!


Chipocrite [PHL]
Trey Frey [PHL]
Mega Ran [AZ]
Das Mörtal [MON]
Bit Shifter [NYC]
Random [SWE]
Ap0c [PHL]
Ovenrake [PHL]
Glomag [NYC]
L-Tron [NYC]

Cheap Dinosaurs [PHL]
Marshall Art [CAN-RUS]
Storm Blooper [PHL]
Ultrasyd [FR]
Oxygenstar [CT]
Inverse Phase [BAL]
Mail Order Monsters [DET]
fuckjazzforaminute [NYC]
Bud Melvin [NM]
Little Paw [ROC]
Alex Mauer [PHL]


Ohhinaifu [DET]
PixelSeed [BAL]
Melesul3 [MON]
Kevin Gondek [CHI]

Artist Bios, 3-Day Schedule and Artist + Visualist pairings coming soon!

8static Festival will be held at the First Unitarian Church in between 21st and 22nd on Chestnut Street. 30th Street Station, which is the largest transportation hub in Philadelphia, is Just a few Blocks away at 30th and JFK Boulevard. The Bolt Bus and the Mega Bus both have drop off locations a block away from the station.

Apple Hostels is extremely affordable and is located on Bank Street in downtown Philadelphia. Otherwise, the Hotels Tonight app can help you find a number of more upscale hotels in the area.

Note: There are NO glass bottles allowed in the venue. Safety First!